Our company mission is to help case workers do their jobs with less stress over paperwork. And that spills over into better client relationships.

CaseFlow® allows unprecedented structured workflows, compliance and productivity for workers in human services. It helps you expedite casework and increase capacity. This browser-based system is fully encrypted and secure to protect your clients’ sensitive personal information.  CaseFlow can be conformed to any language, country and human service.

CaseFlow’s design uses plug-in modules. The same interface can be used to support whatever case-based human service you may have, with full compliance.

For example… an adoption agency may choose an array of placement programs for China, the Philippines, Bulgaria and Haiti. Though each has a different workflow, documents and reports to comply with that nation’s laws, there is only one user-friendly interface to learn.

Or a domestic violence support organization may have programs for counseling and low-income housing.

CaseFlow will keep even newly-graduated caseworkers from missing steps in your program, training them as they go.

  • Handle field work via smart phone or tablet, uploading it to CaseFlow.
  • CaseFlow alerts you so you never miss a deadline, and avoid costly delays.
  • Give your clients secure managed guest access to their case, so they can check status and upload their paperwork.
  • Supervisors can track program efficiency and status of cases.

CaseFlow is the new “Best Practice” for social work. Our software helps you with program management, case management, interventions and field work. No matter what type of clients you are serving, we can guide you with compliant workflows. Human trafficking, disaster relief, youth programs, elder care, livelihood training, foster care, residential shelters, food banks, addiction support, education, … whatever your focus, it can be managed with greater ease using CaseFlow.